Have you asked yourself, who am I?

There seems to be more to me than my body. I’m told that there are no cells in my body that no more than a few months old. The cells a constantly being replaced by new ones. So if the cells come and go but I am still here. Who am I? Perhaps I am my emotions but that can’t be either as my emotions come or go even more frequently than my breath sometimes. There is joy and sorrow, ups and downs, happiness and sadness, but who is the I that feels these emotions? And certainly there are times when I feel no emotion at all but I remain. Who then am I? Perhaps I am my thoughts. But then, my thoughts come and go even more rapidly than my emotions. I say I changed my mind, but then, who is the I that changed what mind? I am. I have a body, I have emotions, I have a mind, but I am beyond body, beyond emotions, beyond mind. I am.

Human Life Cycle