About Me

About Me

I am a gifted empathic, psychic medium that was raised with self-limiting beliefs. In fact, the function of domestication played a large role in shutting down my gifting for many years of my life. It is only in my senior years that I have had the courage to break away from this limiting mindset and to discover my own unique path and destiny. I am living proof that you are never too old to embrace and live out your life’s purpose.

I have always had a unique connection with the spirit world. As a young boy I was aware and could sense the spirit world around me. I simply did not have the training or exposure to the incredible connection and love we can all access through opening ourselves up to Spirit, our many Guides, Angels and Ascended Masters. I would tell others of “messages” I was receiving for them or often answer their questions with information that I “just knew.” To this day I continue to simply know the answers and now realize this is part of my gifting.

In session, I am known to speak from the heart. I don’t force a connection or message during a session. If by some rare situation, I don’t connect with Spirit – I simply end the session and refer you to a colleague.  This is NOT about me, or the strength of my ability. I am simply the messenger. I do not control which spirit comes through, but I have found that those loved ones we are yearning to speak to, often do their best to communicate.  As the Medium, I myself am constantly surprised at how different each session may be. I am passionate about helping people reach their loved ones who have passed. 

I have witnessed many mourning family members experience a deep release of pain when they can connect with their loved ones who have passed. These sessions are all about healing and finding the power within oneself to acknowledge the pain of loss and live with a new found level of awareness, compassion and empathy.   

I look forward to connecting with you,