What to Expect

This is where you and I finally get to meet. Keep in mind every session can be quite different and tailored by Spirit in a way that is specifically for you. The value of a reading often depends on the sincerity of the intention you approach our time together.

I encourage you to approach each session with a positive and open attitude. It will help to improve your connection. If you are feeling nervous or a bit doubtful, that is normal. This may be the first time you have ever experienced connecting with Spirit. I encourage people to ask questions and be open to expanding their perception and understanding of what is real. Yes, bring your notebook and pen and take notes! Be sure to sit with the information after your session. Remember it can take a few days, weeks or even months for the information received to make sense. 

During a session I encourage you to let me know if you understand the message being relayed or if you need more clarity. Confirmation and validation of message is actually helpful for me. I used to silently challenge people who told me that they were gifted and could speak either psychically or to love ones who have passed. I sat quietly without making any comment almost as to prove whether or not they could say something that made sense. Now I realize I was actually blocking the flow and hurting myself. I simply ask that you put this common practise aside and work with me. I guarantee you will have a more successful session. 

Feel free to have a few questions written down ahead of your session. I will provide time at the end of your session to ask those questions. If you are unsure about anything, ask me to explain. I will answer to the best of my ability. I will not force any message or connection. 

A successful reading will uplift and inspire you and myself, the medium. It often includes contact with loved ones that have passed, spirit guides and teachers.  Remember, I am working with Spirits, not using a crystal ball.

I am wise. The gift I have been given is steeped in ancient wisdom and super natural knowledge. Keep in mind that we are all guided with free will that allows us to make choices in life.  

It is my wish to help others to be set free as I have been in the last few years. I lived for years full of anger and pain. In recent years, my friends and family are constantly remarking on the significant change they have seen in both my appearance and disposition. The best part of it all is I can actually feel the change within. It is an extraordinary feeling to heal and taste freedom. There is healing out there for all of us to claim as part of our inheritance. I am truly excited for you and am looking forward to our time together. 

I ask that you resist rushing around for a few hours before our session time to let your mind and body rest. Thirty minutes before your scheduled session time I would suggest that you find a quiet space where you can settle down quietly and comfortably. For about ten minutes you should breath in deep breathes and breath out to a slow count of seven. This technique will relax you. After you have relaxed visualize your family member or friend you would like to hear from coming to you during our session. If they are available, I assure you they will be aware that you would like to contact them however the choice is theirs whether they respond or not.